4 Ways To Help Your Kid Brush His/Her Teeth On A Regular Basis

A solid dental care routine can never be taught too early, even if your children are young. A balanced diet, brushing teeth their teeth twice a day, and regular dental appointments are all part of a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, brushing their teeth isn’t the only thing on your children’s minds right now. There are superheroes to emulate, cartoons to view, and pillow forts to make for kids to play in. The audience may be difficult, but you’re up for the challenge!

Do you want to know how to make this a habit that will last? As your go-to kids’ dentist, we’ve compiled a list of eight simple ideas for getting your children excited about brushing their teeth.

Cleaning Their Teeth to a Music

This isn’t the time or place for silent sudsing! Even if it’s the same music Alexa has been playing all day, encourage your child to brush their teeth while listening to it.

Oral-Disney B’s Magic Timer, for example, is a digital brush timer with a built-in music player. According to a poll conducted by the Apple App Store, 90% of children washed their teeth longer when this app was running.

Let your actions speak louder than your words

Of course, you already know that your children enjoy copying whatever you do. It can be priceless at times. Some of the time, it’s humiliating. However, you can take advantage of their inability to resist the temptation to copy. Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is a good time to “catch” them. Once you’ve explained the significance of this process and how much fun you’re having doing it, they’ll understand. Give each other a little additional time by taking turns brushing their teeth. Let them listen in as you schedule appointments with the dentist later on. Astoundingly, your example has a lot of weight.


No, every time your kid remembers to wash her teeth twice a day, you are not required to buy her a new doll. Research has shown that even the tiniest rewards can have a big impact on a child’s motivation. Is brushing their teeth a challenge for you? Create a sticker chart as a starting point. For every day they keep to their dental routine, give them a new sticker. If they’ve done well during the month, give them a tiny token of appreciation, like letting them choose the movie for family movie night.

If you’re stuck on ideas, check out this list of kid-pleasing rewards that are both free and inexpensive. You may gradually phase out the extrinsic incentives when your children notice their healthy teeth and gums and keep up the excellent job on their own.

You Can Use Them For Brushing Your Teeth

Pulling up a stool and spending time together at the bathroom sink makes a child feel more like a grown-up than anything else. Brush together at the same time each morning and night. In order to brush your child’s teeth, you’ll need to be nearby, especially if they are still very small. If they’re a little older, they’ll appreciate the one-on-one time and the memories that you make.

Make a Fun Toothbrush for Them to Use

The moment will come when they’re old enough to use regular, solid-colored toothbrushes! To keep them entertained for the time being, let them to pick out the loudest, brightest, shiniest toothbrush in the store.

Some even have little countdown lights that start out bright green, then yellow, then red when the allotted two minutes have elapsed. Refrain from stifling their individuality by criticizing their decisions. Instead, give them credit for their originality. If they enjoy the way it looks, they’re more inclined to wash their teeth on a regular basis.

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